DIY Nepal provides services to both makers as well as the consumers. The major areas of our services are Product Design, Theme Branding, Interior/ Exterior Design, Fine Production, and Workshops & Training. The website provides ample space to showcase and sell the works of any individuals/ SMEs as well as receives orders and deliver the desired product to the consumers. You may directly purchase products from our website or you may also request custom design products in volume according to your need and other related services. The major areas of Our internal team provide the following services on demand.

Product Design

We want to make sure the product that we produce are original and not a copy so that we brainstorm, conceptualize and design our products from scratch and only produce!

Fine Production

Our creative team design the product and the production team produces it with accurate precision. We acquire all professional tools skilled resources that helps produce the fine products.

Theme Branding/ Interior, Exterior Design

We listen our clients, understand their requirement, study the market, do research brainstorm within our creative design team and propose to the client. Theme branding and custom design are our main stream at DIY Nepal.

Training & Workshop

Since dIY Nepal is a common platform, it always intend to build the community larger and larger. The training and workshop stream helps us connect with people, share ideas, knowledge and experiences. We also do random makers' meetups time to time.

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